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Three Tips on How to Organize a Bathroom Drawer

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 9:37 AM | Cindy Greenleaf (Administrator)

When your Mom stays over, she seems to throw all her and Dad's stuff into the guest bathroom drawer. Your Dad finds it difficult to identify his things in the guest bathroom versus your mother’s things.

So, you try to think of ways that you can assist your parents during their stay at your home. 

One way you can help them be organized is to make the space guests share organized BEFORE they arrive.

The big question is: How do you organize a bathroom drawer for multiple people?

NAPO Michigan would like to share some tips on how to organize a bathroom drawer.

Here are three tips on how to organize a bathroom drawer.

1.   Insert interlocking drawer organizers

The interlocking drawer organizers assist in creating areas for various items in the drawer.  You can pick these up at dollar stores, Walmart, and other retail stores. For adjustable drawer dividers, the Container Store has customize-able solutions.

2.   Separate and Label each bin for each person

Creating areas for each person’s stuff allows everyone to easily identify where things are located and where to put things back after each use.   For regular visitors, label their bin or drawer so they know where to put their stuff.  Finding their stuff will be much easier.

3.   Create a cleanup schedule

Creating a cleanup schedule ensures that after each person finishes grooming, their items are expected to be organized immediately following their use and the space will be clean, so the next person can use the space with ease.  Ensuring everyone knows the expectation for picking up after themselves will make for a more pleasant home life for everyone.

Organizing your bathroom drawer is easier than you think!

 For more organizing tips, visit  You’ll find other informative articles under the BLOG tab.

Article submitted by Chapter member L. Patterson. 



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