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Can Your Car Fit In Your Garage?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 12:00 PM | Cindy Greenleaf (Administrator)

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25 percent of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in their garages.

If your garage holds everything but your car OR you can never find an item in the garage when you need it, spring is the perfect time to organize your garage.

The National Association of Professional Organizers, Southeast Michigan Chapter (NAPO-MI) want to share their top ten list on organizing your garage.

1.     Think about what activities happen in or near your garage.

2.     Plan task-specific zones in the garage accordingly. Store related items in each zone.

3.     Hang shelves on walls to free up floor space.

4.     Use a plastic shoe box to store similar items and parts for each power tool stored in garage. Be sure to label it.  Store on shelves.

5.     Make use of corners by placing a triangular shelfing unit or gardening tool caddy.

6.     Hang pegboard to keep hand tools, hoses and extension cords visible.

7.     Use vertical space whenever possible. Use tall shelving units with adjustable shelves to increase storage capacity.  Rafter space is often overlooked for storage in garages.

8.     Hang L- or U-shaped utility hooks at top of wall studs to hang seasonal items like ladders and seed spreaders.

9.     Keep toxic substances like pesticides behind locked doors so they are out of reach of children and pets.

10.  Keep a fire extinguisher and First Aid kit handy for any emergencies to save precious time, when needed.

Once you’ve gotten organized, “remember one simple rule:  ‘Whatever you get out ~ you have to put away’.  This not only applies to parking the vehicles in the same place every day, but it also applies to bikes, sports equipment, yard tools and machinery,” said Kathy Tucker, Chapter member. She can be reached at

Organizing your garage is much easier than you think!  For more organizing tips, visit

Article submitted by Cindy Greenleaf, Chapter member, and Chief Organizing Officer of New Leaf Organizing LLC.  


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