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Leaving your Family’s Photographic Legacy

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 10:33 AM | Cindy Greenleaf (Administrator)

Who gets the pictures?      Who tells the Stories?

Every person has a story to tell.  Every person should have a book to hold that tells how important they are, their history with pictures and stories of their life.

Have your heard the saying “It’s never urgent until it’s too late?”  We encourage people to take the steps needed to preserve their pictures and tell their stories before it’s too late.

Our pictures, our story impacts the lives of others; the people who care about us; our children, our family and future generations.  There is a window of opportunity to get this done.  This window is before we get ready to move into a retirement facility; definitely before we start needing assistance from others.

We assisted two families in creating their family history books; both almost missed that window of opportunity. 

One person developed Dementia during the process, which led to Alzheimer’s.  She started exhibiting signs of memory loss when we were working to identify the people and to record the stories of her life.

The other, a gentleman, who lived to see his book completed, died just three weeks later from advanced stage Parkinson’s.

Getting started means creating a plan to guide you through the process. 

Start now and allow time. 

A collection of pictures and stories that spans several generations will take time to assess and curate (organize and digitize). A collection may include both printed and digital photos, photo albums, framed photos, photo books, movies and more.

Create a Vision and a Plan

Envision completion.  A Photo Organizer will assist you in all phases of planning and completing a Legacy photo book, a slide show, celebration poster boards, and digital storage systems that will allow you to keep your memories while eliminating the clutter.

Involve Your Family

Who wants your photos?  Many families decide to create a photo book with copies for each of their children and grandchildren as a gift to celebrate milestone events – a Wedding Anniversary, retirement or a significant birthday.

Keep the Memories, Not the Clutter

A DVD can be created of your BEST photos.  Celebration of life posters, canvas prints, and important photos framed can become your wall art for you to share and for everyone to see.  Photos taken of your collections and significant treasured  possessions can be incorporated.

Hire a Professional

A Professional Organizer brings energy, is not overwhelmed, is objective and can assist you in making decisions about each picture, memorabilia and the telling of your story.  Create a budget to complete your project.  If you have a 50 year collection of photos and accompanying items, it will take time consisting of several stages of work for a Photo Organizer to complete your project.

After giving a presentation at a local retirement facility, a woman approached us saying that she wanted to have a legacy photo book completed of her most important pictures, stories and her family treasures. She was widowed, did not have children to leave her pictures and stories to but wanted to complete it for herself and her family.  We took pictures of her significant family treasures and featured both the pictures and stories in her book.

Would you like to tell your story and leave your legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations?  You will not regret getting started today.

This could be the most important gift that you can give your family.

     “Photos will only keep your memories alive when they have 

been arranged so that you can enjoy them whenever you like.”   

Filing Fairies

Marianne Behler of Lifetime Photo Solutions is a Corporate Associate Member of NAPO Michigan. 


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