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May (Virtual) Chapter Meeting: The Power of Food. What Nutrition Can Do For You.

  • Thursday, May 21, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom - Virtual Meeting

The Power of Food.

What Nutrition Can Do For You.

*Please note this is a Virtual Chapter Meeting - we will NOT be meeting in person this month*

** Typically May is when we host our Annual Luncheon.  Due to current circumstances the Luncheon will be rescheduled until it's safe to meet in person.  Please stay tuned for details**

Lorelei Baron, NTP will present on how nutrition impacts your health as well as some tips and tricks to incorporate healthy, tasty food into your life.

Key talking points:

 The power of food

o What are nutrients

o What nutrients your body is made of

o Where can you find nutrients your body needs for optimal health

o Nutrient examples for organs and organ systems

 Body Talk

o What is body talk

o How you can use your body talk to your advantage

o Epigenetics

 Bio-Individuality

o Why ‘diets’ don’t work

o Healthy eating is different for everyone

 The power of your thoughts

o The physical/mental connection in your body

o How emotions can manifest into physical symptoms

o Mindset

 The foundations of healthy eating

o Hydration

o Quality of food

o Having a healthy relationship with food

o Properly prepared, nutrient dense food

 Tips/tricks for implementation

o Healthy, on the go, snacks

o Meal prepping

o Mindset

o Healthy swaps

o Food and mood journals

o Support system

About the Presenter

Hello! My name is Lorelei. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner or NTP for short. I am also certified in bio-individual nutrition which is all about how food effects your unique biochemistry. I am the owner of Confessions of a Body, located in Saline. I haven’t always been in good health. When I started to use food for healing, my health was transformed. For years doctors have told me I would never regain full health and by making lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes I have been able to prove them wrong! Now, I help clients eat their way to health. I work with you to make small changes that overtime can make profound differences in your quality of life. Making sure your body is well nourished and your taste buds are happy.

Zoom Only Meeting

We will be running this month's meeting virtually via Zoom.  Members: keep an eye on your email inbox for the Zoom invitation which will be sent no later than Tuesday, 5/19/20. An RSVP is required if you plan to Zoom: please send your RSVP to Marianne Behler by 5:00pm on the day before the meeting (

We are allowing guests to this month's meeting and waiving the $20 fee. Check your Zoom invitation for more details.

Meeting Cost

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